Andrew Power

P: 07 5452 7300
F: 07 5443 7400

Andrew Power


With a decade of experience in the property sector having worked in organisations from state government to publicly traded companies, Andrew brings a valuable skill set and knowledge base to his role as Business Development Manager for Queensland.

Andrew is responsible for the continued welcoming and development of JHK clients, and ensuring that each client’s experience meets the JHK commitment to approachability, transparency, forward thinking and fast turnarounds.

Andrew has worked in various roles including valuation, executive & commercial management, research and consultancy and is thrilled to be working in a company and role that allows him to draw on his experience to help identify both problems and solutions for JHK’s clients.

“Being from a small rural town, building relationships is something that has been particularly engrained in my upbringing. I love having the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life, and I fully understand how much people appreciate help and guidance especially when they’re navigating through difficult commercial and legal decisions.”

“Its is fantastic to be part of a team that has such an overwhelmingly positive culture and ethos. This not only drives the whole team to succeed in achieving the best results but also creates an enriched experience for clients.”