Guy Dimitriou

P: 03 9927 3600
F: 03 9620 1300

Guy Dimitriou

Graduate at Law

Guy is currently a Graduate at Law at JHK Legal and has experience working in a variety of different areas in multiple firms. Throughout his career, Guy has assisted clients with debt recovery, commercial litigation, negotiations and much more.

Guy has worked with clients ranging from large scale national corporations to smaller scale businesses and strives to provide consistent effort and results for all types of clients.

More recently Guy has worked on engaging in negotiations and litigation in an effort to recover debt for larger scale advertising companies, energy retailers and small Australian businesses.

Guy is an excellent communicator, has a very patient and calm nature and always aims to provide his clients with commercially pragmatic advice along with achieving positive results through his relentless and hard-working nature.

Guy currently holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Laws from Latrobe University in Victoria and will undertake his Practical Legal Training in 2021.

Outside of the law Guy is a fanatic of the Collingwood Football Club and loves everything to do with the AFL. Guy also loves to read and to spend time with his family and friends whenever he has time.