About JHK Legal

Innovative, Creative Solutions

Innovative, Creative Solutions

We established JHK Legal because we wanted to do things differently to other firms. We set out to be transparent, contactable, and approachable… for example we offer free consultations and fixed fees. We actually encourage our clients to call us and we don’t charge them for the privilege!

Five years on we have over 40 staff located over four different offices on the East Coast of Australia and we’re providing outcome-focused solutions that consistently deliver a great result. Our loyal clients tell us how much they enjoy working with us. And we certainly enjoy working with them.

Rhonda King, Co-Founder.

At JHK Legal we believe it’s our focus on and commitment to our core values that allows us to deliver outstanding results and return on investment to you.

Free General Advice

We want you to feel free to contact us without the stress of increasing your financial burden. We believe seeing a lawyer should be more affordable for all Australians, which is why we offer:

  • Free general advice, where we take the time to understand and evaluate your situation at no cost to you; and
  • Fixed fee structure, which helps build a better rapport with you because you always feel free to contact us without worrying about the cost…in fact we actually encourage our clients to call us!

Our total transparency in relation to costs helps communication both ways, which is a win/win for everyone and ultimately enables us to deliver a better and more timely outcome for you.



At JHK Legal we love embracing change, innovation and disruptive technologies as the law moves out of the past and into the 21st Century… in fact we’d like to totally redefine your perception of what a law firm is.

We do this by offering you innovative, creative solutions and ensuring that our firm is constantly evolving to remain one step ahead of the rest. We want to exceed your requirements and expectations. It’s what excites us, and we certainly hope it excites you too!


We understand that your time is as valuable as ours, and especially in legal matters such as insolvency, timing is everything. Our team’s experience, skills and knowledge to consider and understand the legal consequences of any legal action allows us to quickly provide the right advice and act on it, saving you both time and money.


At JHK Legal our business is based on building relationships of trust and creating a feeling of confidence in your legal team. By being approachable, we encourage communication both ways and build long-term relationships of trust.

We do this in several ways, including offering free general advice and a fixed fee structure, which actually encourages you to call us without worrying about the financial burden.

We also try to be approachable by reducing the amount of legal jargon we use. We break down complicated legal terminology into a common language so you understand what we are talking about every step of the way.

Want to experience the JHK Difference?

Want to experience the JHK Difference?

We’d love to work with you.

We’re both proactive and reactive, understanding the questions we need to ask to ensure you receive the answers you require, while also quickly reacting to changes in the law, including the latest reforms, relevant statutes and awards.

And our innovative thinking consistently delivers outstanding results. Contact Us