Kimberly Napier

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Kimberly Napier


Kimberly is currently a Legal Assistant at JHK legal. Kimberly is in her final year of a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology, Sydney. She expects to complete her studies in February 2020.

Kimberly finished her Practical Legal Training at The Law Society of New South Wales, The Pro Bono Scheme where she assisted in various areas of law and conducted legal research including in wills and estates, family law, criminal law, discrimination and immigration as well as other areas. She has previously worked in conveyancing including assisting in commercial leases.

Kimberly is interested in insolvency law and in particular how insolvency practitioners now have the right to assign causes of action under Section 100-5 of the Insolvency Law Reform Provisions. Kimberly is also passionate about how data and privacy law will affect the future.

Outside of law, Kimberly is an avid runner and enjoys cooking for her friends and family.