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Facilitating complex banking and lending requirements to achieve financial deadlines and objectives.

Lenders and borrowers of all types and sizes are often faced with complex finance agreements and compliance requirements containing intricacies that require professional advice. Seeking the right legal advice early is critical to achieving tight deadlines, while mitigating problematic financial risks now, and down the track.

We offer over fourty years experience in a broad cross-section of financial transactions, having acted for banks, major financiers, start-ups and multinational corporations. Our deep understanding of the banking and financial services industry enables our team to respond quickly and efficiently, while applying a tailored approach to meet your financial goals and deadlines.

Here are some common areas our banking and finance team services to help find a solution for you:

  • Drafting of finance documentation;  
  • Preparation of and negotiation as to security;
  • Advice as to terms and documents;
  • Exercising rights under finance facilities and securities.

To discover more ways we can help achieve your financial goals and deadlines, chat to our team today.

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