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Guiding employer and employee obligations and entitlements so you can navigate workplace complexities.

Both employers and employees are constantly faced with issues in the ever-evolving employment landscape. Keeping informed of your position and knowing your rights will ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Whether you are concerned about noncompliance to changing workplace legislations or are finding issues cropping up on payday, our team has a depth of understanding across a wide range of industrial relations issues. We offer practical workplace solutions for employers and employees in the public sector and in private enterprise.

Here are a few areas our industrial relations team services to help find a solution for you:

  • Drafting employment or contractor agreements;
  • Compliance and regulatory advice (including restructuring and redundancy advice);
  • Representation for any employment, tribunal or court proceedings.

To discover more ways we can help navigate your workplace issues, chat to our team today.

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