Innovative thinking. Outstanding results.

“We established JHK Legal because we wanted to do things differently to other firms. We set out to be transparent, contactable, and approachable…

We don’t charge you to contact us and talk to us…in fact we actually encourage our clients to call us for general advice, free of charge!”

“We know timing is important, and that ‘s why we pride our self on our turn around time, ensuring all work is completed promptly with diligence!”

 Rick Jones, Co-Founder.
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About JHK Legal

About JHK Legal

We’re proud to say we do things a little differently to other law firms… in fact we’d like to totally redefine your perception of what a law firm is.

  • We embrace change – we’re constantly innovating
  • We believe the law doesn’t have to be complicated
  • We want you to understand every step of the process
  • We value your time as much as we value ours
  • We fix our fees where ever we can 


Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our progressive, dynamic team look to the future.  Our innovation is backed by huge experience… we’re very good at what we do.

But we also focus on relationships. Our commitment to our core values allows us to deliver outstanding results to our clients.  We’d love to show you how we can exceed your expectations.

Working with JHK Legal

  • Progressive Progressive


    Innovative, creative solutions that will redefine your perception of a law firm

  • Timely Timely


    We understand your time is valuable. We work efficiently and cut to the chase

  • Approachable Approachable


    We build relationships by being approachable and encouraging communication

  • Fixed Fee Fixed Fee

    Fixed Fee

    Fixed fee structure gives transparency and you feel free to contact us at any time

  • Committed Committed


    Committed to working with you to deliver practical and affordable solutions

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